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13-02-2020 Ming Fai’s Corporate Social Responsibility Announcement: Let us be the sanitary producer to help prevent the outbreak of coronavirus 13-02-2020

Though overwhelmed by the news of the coronavirus outbreak, Ming Fai Group immediately bears their corporate social responsibility and stepped out to serve as a sanitary products producer for the society. Delivering hand sanitizer to frontline medical workers is the first and top mission of Ming Fai Group.

Due to the sudden outbreak of coronavirus, large-scale shortages of personal hygiene products occurred, some retailers sell daily hygiene products in unreasonably high price, and the lives and health of citizens have been seriously challenged. With years of professional experience in toiletries and passion for serving the society, Ming Fai Group actively worked with everybody Labo and an Australian brand Pasion to develop a range of personal and household disinfection products during this critical period. Hope to offer fair use of sanitary products to our community in reasonable prices, and giving disadvantaged groups that deserve priority attention.

Ming Fai Innovative Skin Care Lab is located in Tuen Mun, Hong Kong. It is equipped with production facilities to create high quality formulations such as perfumes. The well-equipped laboratory and experienced chemists serve to ensure all clients', consumers', and markets' requirements and expectations are fulfilled, and of course at the same time, the products are inspected and qualified in all the regulatory requirements of all relevant authorities. 

During this urgent and short of time, all expertise in Ming Fai Group stand aligns with everybody Labo and Pasion, aim to develop a natural yet effective hand sanitizer. Ming Fai Group gave up chemical ingredients that harsh to consumers’ skin, and intensively source for natural based ingredients, such as sucrose alcohol ethanol and ISO standard 100% pure Australian tea tree oil, to empower the sanitizer that effectively kill 99.9% of common pathogenic bacteria. Using glycerin as natural moisturize additive as well as cost effective ingredient, in order to balance good quality and fair price point for the product.

Passing the laboratory testing, it has been sent to the frontline medical workers, government and hoteliers in China. It has also been distributed to the shopping malls, retailers, non-profit organizations and hoteliers in Hong Kong. Ming Fai Group is striving to enhance hygiene protection for the whole community.

From hotel industry to the whole society, to further protect the health of the general public, Ming Fai Group strives to provide everyone with adequate health and hygiene protection. Ming Fai Group will continue to contribute their ability to the community to fulfill corporate social responsibility in the future.