Entered Into Strategic Alliance with American Hotel Register Company, Ming Fai Group Hosted “Strategic Alliance Announcement & Celebration Dinner” To Share The Great Moments

【Entered Into Strategic Alliance with American Hotel Register Company, Ming Fai Group Hosted “Strategic Alliance Announcement & Celebration Dinner” To Share The Great Moments 】
Posted on: Dec 18th, 2012

Recently, Ming Fai Group has announced a breaking news of entering into Strategic Alliance with American Hotel Register Company (hereinafter referred to as “AHR”) to bring a total solution to hotels throughout Asia Pacific. On December 14th, “Ming Fai & American Hotel Register Co. Strategic Alliance Announcement & Celebration Dinner” was grandly held in Shenzhen Mission Hills with over a hundred entrepreneurs from renowned hotels, Medias and reporters, together with Ming Fai to witness the celebratory event.


Found in 1865, AHR has been in the business for over 147 years and is now the world’s largest hotel amenities supplier. Since its foundation, AHR has been the leader in the industry and provide the best efforts to cater the needs of the customers, striving to offer customers with incomparable quality products and unparallel services as well as fulfilling their needs for tailor-made products, and providing a value-added solution. Customers and business partners of AHR around the world will benefit greatly from an unparalleled global supply chain solution of AHR.

As the first guest speaker of the event, the CEO of American Hotel Register Co., and also the Non-Executive Director of Ming Fai Group, Mr. Larry Morse announced “To speed up globalization and to achieve the total solution, we need to work with great partners. We’ve been searching for a long time, and finally we found Ming Fai. We’re lucky to work with such a trustful partner. Ming Fai possesses great advantage in APAC Region, its supply chain, strong sales network as well as the production capabilities together with AHR’s experience in hotel amenities industry, global customer resources and supply network will create more value and value-added service to customers globally.”

Mr. Larry Morse Presenting a Speech

Executive Director of Ming Fai, Mr. Alex Lau expressed his gratitude to AHR and Larry for placing great support and confidence to Ming Fai, he said “The strategic alliance of Ming Fai and AHR has complementary advantages to both companies; it would be a huge step forward for both Ming Fai and to the hotel industry as a whole especially in APAC Region. With diversified product offerings, we’re now able to provide more product selections and better solution to our customers, to achieve the true meaning of “the total solution”.”

Mr. Alex Lau Presenting a Speech

Together, American Hotel Register and Ming Fai will utilize our strengths to create a powerhouse that will become a “game changer” in the hotel industry. During the event, Executive Director Ms. Winnie Chan and Mr. Larry Morse presented the future strategic directions, development and what Ming Fai and AHR will bring to the hotel industry upon the Strategic Alliance to the guests.

Ms. Winnie Chan and Mr. Larry Morse Presenting a Speech

The Chairman of China Hotel Purchasing & Supplying Association, Mr. Fan Guangyu expressed his joy and confidence on the alliance. “One-stop solution will be the inevitable trend in the hotel industry. Ming Fai and AHR will be the best strategic partner that will create a new chapter and bring new situation to the industry in APAC Region.”

Mr. Fan Guangyu Presenting a Speech

The alliance would bring a new era in the APAC Region. This is a new milestone stage that will make great influence and revolutionize the way hotels will procure their products within Asia Pacific, which is also a symbol that Ming Fai is achieving higher towards a better enterprise. In the future, Ming Fai will continue putting more efforts to be the best trustful partner.

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