Ming Fai International Holdings Ltd. is an international company with many excellent brands under its wing and is one of the world’s leading suppliers of hotel amenities and accessories, airline supplies, travel supplies, and body and skin care products. For more than 30 years of operation since the founding of the company, the company has always strived to expand the ranks of our brands and is now the agent of many international brands. This includes brands such as the international high-end French brand Lanvin, the renowned British brand MOLTON BROWN, the famous Italian brand Borghese, the UK styled brand Crabtree & Evelyn, the German high-end brand AIGNER, the British minimalist styled brand O London,  the elegant and traditional French brand MONTEIL, the Roman styled brand Baronessa Cali, and the German brand WUNDERKIND. In 2011, Ming Fai International Holdings Ltd. made a strong move in adding the international high-end brand LANVIN to their ranks, gaining exclusive agency rights to the Asia-Pacific region and making the collection of brands of the company appear more spectacular and mighty, taking one step forward into the ranks of international brands empire.
Ming Fai International Holdings Ltd. is always looking for development, grasping the new trend of skin care and hotel amenities industry, keeping making innovation and developing of new products. The company has assembled a variety of internationally renowned hotel amenities brands and independent brands under its name, including the British aristocratic styled brand Nobility and Nobility Modern, the Japanese spa styled brand everyBody Labo, the environmentally friendly products brands Back to Basic, ECO VLG and REECO, the Spanish styled brand Pasion, and the French traditional romantic style Rose Magnifique.
Ming Fai International Holdings Ltd. provides their customers with a diverse range of services. Our constantly improving integration strategy for the combination of our industrial production and procurement systems ensures that we can provide each customer with “one-stop” product supply solutions. Our comprehensive services include:
1) OEM – Ming Fai Group provides our customers with one-stop OEM service. We can customize for our customers based on their needs and provide them with international professional OEM cosmetic/body and bath products one-stop service.
2) ODM – The company pays professionals from the industry high salaries to join the R & D division of the company to develop new products and keep track of new trends and developments in the international skin care market so that we can provide customers with a one-stop service for professional ODM high-end skin care products. Our research and development in the skin care products has stepped forward in our business portfolio providing products made in Hong Kong.
3) OBM – Ming Fai International Holdings Ltd. is an International enterprise with comprehensive renowned brands, and in these 30 years or so since the founding of the company, the company has already gathered a variety of internationally renowned hotel amenities brands under its wing.
4) One-Stop Solutions – Ming Fai International Holding Ltd. has combined their diversified range of professional services such as design, R&D, procurement, production, packaging, and shipping to create a complete one-step process capable of providing customers with one-stop professional services.
Ming Fai International Holdings Ltd. will never stop their pursuit of diverse development, innovation, and experience. Currently, the company’s product lines have been continually expanded to cover almost all hotel room supplies, with quality towels and linens, small electronic appliances, professional retail skin care products as well as airline and cruise line amenities being particularly liked by our clients. We are committed to providing our customers with diversified services and providing our customers with many different methods, such as Ming Fai new website and company products catalog to learn more about our newest product information and services. Our product catalog offers elaborate information, including brand story, raw material, hotel amenities and classification, apart from making our customers have a clear understanding about Ming Fai, more importantly experience our dedicate and considerate service culture.

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