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Coming from Australia, Canvas aims to preserve human’s natural beauty and protect its very foundation - the surface, the CANVAS, the skin.

Artisans dedicated to the beauty of nature have joined forces to produce a range that is as beautiful to use as the results it delivers. Nature gives us beautiful skin at birth, but exposure to modern life inevitably takes its toll.


"Using a combination of Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein and Hydrolyzed Wheat Starch, the conditioner will create a thin proctective layer, repair the damaged hair and improve its strength. Mixed with Orange Extract, the conditioner gives a nice moisturizing effect and makes the hair look silky."


“The Orange extract helps to moisturize and create an smoothing effect. With the antistatic agents, the hair can be glossy, healthier and more manageable.”

Shower Gel

"Formulated with Orange Extract and gentle ingredients, the shower gel creates a moisturing regulator and deep cleanses the skin. The fresh Frankincense scents will energize your body."


"The biodegradable vegetable base soap cleanses, nourishes the skin and does not contain detergent. The Glycerin will gentlely moisturize your skin and prevent the dryness, your skin will be clean and smooth."

Body Lotion

"Your skin will appreciate the power of Red Algae Extract. It is rich in minerals and keeps the skin supple and hydrated. You skin will have a silky texture."

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